Programs for Girl Scouts



Programs for Girl Scouts

Mulberry House offers a number of special programs for girl scouts.

All programs are $20/per child with a minimum of 10 participants and a maximum of 40 participants and are held after school during the week on Thursday or Friday late afternoon for ages 6-13. Call 908.233.3562 to book your Girl Scout program.

Tea Etiquette – Manners Badge Program:

Girls will learn proper tea etiquette, a little history about tea time in England and how to serve themselves during tea. They will then have an opportunity to practice with their own tea time.

Each participant receives a choice of tea, lemonade or juice to practice. Tea stands are served family style which include kid-friendly tea sandwiches, scones, and mini-sweets. 


 Healthy Sweet Cooking:

A live cooking demo with the girls on a healthy snack, that’s also used as a dessert and also is gluten-free! Mini Creme Brulee’s; the perfect little treat for anytime of the day!

Afterwards the girls would get to make one for themselves to eat afterwards. We would also showcase gluten-free snacks that are healthy for everyone.


Spring Showers Bring May Flowers:

 The girls would help plant flowers in our “garden” along with herbs for our menu.
We’ll explain to the girls the meaning of endangered flowers in NJ and explain which herbs are our favorite, most used and why. Also, the benefits from using herbs from your garden vs. buying in a supermarket.